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In-N-Out Heading to Austin and More News

In-N-Out Heading to Austin and More News

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In today's Media Mix, green tea popular because of China, plus 10 cities with the best street food

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

$600K for Coffee with Apple CEO: Looks like an auction item to get a cup of coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook has gotten bids up to $600,000, even though the value of that deal is actually $50,000. [NPR]

Green Tea on the Rise: Thanks to the Chinese market, green tea is now a popular beverage choice stateside, too. [Marketwatch]

Best Street Food: What U.S. city made the list of best street food cities in the world, after Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris? Boston, apparently. [NYDN]

Endless Summer Food Truck on Sale: The truck that "ignited the worldwide food truck craze" and made itself a staple on Williamsburg, Brooklyn's Bedford Avenue is on sale via eBay. [Gothamist]

In-N-Out to Austin: It's about time the California burger chain headed to Austin, Texas. [Statesman]

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