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A Marijuana-Themed Restaurant in New Jersey Is Relaunching as ‘Weedbukx’ Next Month

A Marijuana-Themed Restaurant in New Jersey Is Relaunching as ‘Weedbukx’ Next Month

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NJWeedman’s Joint is a marijuana-themed restaurant in Trenton, New Jersey, co-founded by Debi Madaio, a registered nurse and mom, and Ed Forchion, also known as “NJ Weedman.” Recently, the restaurant announced it will reopen as “Weedbukx, the Urban Chic Café.”

According to the restaurant website, its original mission is to provide “healthy, hearty, home-made food” to its customers while advocating for medical marijuana. With the relaunch, Madaio aims to create a “more trendy, upscale” eatery that will attract not only Trenton locals, but also other New Jersey residents and even tourists.

The new restaurant will resemble a medical marijuana grow room with curtains, tablecloths, and chairs decorated with marijuana leaves, according to the press release.

As for the menu, the restaurant will serve marijuana-inspired dishes from chef John Upshaw, including “Snoop’s Dream,” which consists of fish and grits, and “East Coast Cannabis Coalition,” which is a turkey meatball dinner with marinara sauce and spaghetti.

“With Weedbukx Café, we are hoping to provide an upscale environment where people can celebrate the wonders of marijuana in a fun environment without partaking in the actual use of it,” Madaio said in a statement. “With card-carrying medical marijuana patients, we follow NJ CUMMA [Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act] guidelines. If we can educate more people via Weedbukx Café about our overall mission, then that is all the better."

Weedbukx is slated to open on April 20 at 322 E. State St. in Trenton, New Jersey.

Even if Weedbukx Café manages not to run afoul of the local constabulary, the other inspiration for the new café’s logo and name could yet prove problematic. Just this month, Starbucks sent a legal letter to Nasser Kamali, owner of Star Box Coffee in London, insisting that he change the kiosk’s name to avoid trademark conflicts.

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