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Intrav Reveals Plans For $4M Jet Makeover Featuring Flat-Bed Seats and Lavish Interiors

Intrav Reveals Plans For $4M Jet Makeover Featuring Flat-Bed Seats and Lavish Interiors

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One of the biggest problems with flying, no matter what class you might end up in for the journey, is that the chairs are just that, chairs. Until fairly recently even long-haul business class seats didn't offer a fully flat option, a trend that is now sweeping the aviation market. Affluent travelers that know what it's like to fly with fully reclining seats understand just how valuable they are, especially when you have to hit the ground running after landing. With tickets costing around three times that of their economy level counterparts, many travelers could viably choose instead to fly privately, but why would you if the only place you are going to get any sleep is actually on a commercial flight? Intrav is hoping to alleviate this issue for a number of affluent flyers through a $4 million renovation to the inside of a Boeing 757-200ER jet, which is ready to take its passengers to some of the most exciting destinations in the world.


Intrav's jet falls somewhere between commercial business class and owning a private aircraft, giving you the type of luxury you would expect from your own jet. In fact, it's almost as if they've transformed a private jet into an all-business class environment on steroids. It features a reimagined interior that boasts 180-degree flat-bed seats, more than six and a half feet of personal space, a seat massager, numerous tech plug-ins, and deluxe bedding with a pillow-top mattress. Situated side-by-side, the 50 seats are ideal for socializing with fellow passengers. Likewise, personal detached ottomans at each seat gives guests somewhere to sit, and gliding tables reveal to create a spot for conversation, games and a workspace if required. Further hotel-like enhancements to the luxury jet include upgraded lavatory facilities.

Thanks to the Boeing's narrower body giving it better fuel economy, the jet is able to fly the globe far more easily than a larger aircraft. Fittingly, the custom-designed seats will be unveiled for an around-the-world journey this October. The first passengers on the luxury jet will get to experience a 25-day adventure through some incredible hotspots like Rio de Janeiro, Bora Bora, Easter Island, the Taj Mahal, Marrakech, Sydney and Myanmar, on an itinerary that's been deemed "Timeless Destinations." A second trip with the posh Intrav jet will be another 25-day journey called "Amazing Places" that includes Lima, the Great Barrier Reef, Dubai, St. Petersburg, Tahiti and Machu Picchu.