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Vibrant veggies, sizzling skewers and flavour-packed burgers make vegan barbecues a joy to eat and celebrate, whether you’re a meat-eater or not.

It’s true, summer barbecues can be tricky to navigate if you’re following a vegan diet, but with just a bit of imagination and a few good recipes, it’s actually super simple to knock up fast, tasty, meat-free food. Here are our favourite ways to embrace vegan-inspired meals on the barbie.


Chickpeas and sweetcorn are the heroes in this incredible vegan burger. Packed with spices, herbs and citrus, it’s a riot of flavour. Serve it in a charred burger bun with plenty of crunchy lettuce, ripe tomato and ketchup. If Mexican is more your vibe, celebrate black beans, coriander and lime in these delicious burgers, served with avocado, fresh tomato salsa and rocket.


This style of cooking is all about using the assembly process as an excuse to mix an endless combination of wicked flavours together, then using fire intelligently to add intense smokiness. Keep it classic with sweet onion wedges, chunks of pepper, mushrooms and crunchy homemade croutons like in these chargrilled veg kebabs – just remember to remove the cheese and add more delicious veg to keep them vegan. Or go Asian and try salt & pepper tofu skewers, jam-packed with punchy flavour. If using wooden skewers, remember to soak them first so they don’t catch alight.


Served alongside a spread of sizzling kebabs, veggie burgers and salads, charred rosemary flatbreads hot off the barbecue are always a winner. Or serve up a beautiful platter of bruschetta – the bread is best sliced 1cm-thick and toasted on the barbecue, then rubbed with garlic and drizzled with quality olive oil. The toppings can be as humble or as luxurious as you like, from chopped herbs or a squashed tomato with basil, to smoky veg and chilli or marinated aubergines.


A good barbecue spread isn’t complete without some good sides, snacks and starters. Try charring corn cobs on the barbecue, then slicing off the kernels into a Mexican-style salsa with spring onions, ripe tomatoes and lime juice. Or, this traditional Italian, grilled vegetable salad, verdura mista, is perfect for summertime – simply grill the veggies, then dress them while hot and serve straightaway. Or if you’re a fan of spice, grill a bunch of chillies until sweet and juicy, then chop and mix them with fresh mint, lemon juice and good olive oil for an epic, spicy dressing – great for salads or marinating veg as they’re sizzling on the barbecue.

For more summertime grilling inspiration, take a look at our pick of the best vegetarian barbecue recipes, or head over to our barbecue recipes section.

Ultimate Guide to a Great Memorial Day Vegan BBQ

Whether celebrating with a sun-soaked picnic or an outdoor cookout with friends and family, Memorial Day is the perfect time to show off the variety, color, and flavor of veggie food. Replacing holiday barbecue standards with veggie burgers and brats is a snap, and classic sides are easily veganized. If a barbecue doesn&rsquot strike your fancy, plan a day of outdoor activities ranging from daylong hikes to kid-friendly backyard games. Whatever your plans, make sure to enjoy the day away from work and stress with tons of fun and vegan food.

The Ultimate Summer Vegan Grilling Menu

It goes without saying: a summer in quarantine is a new concept for most of us. To avoid quarantine-induced summertime blues, we’re heading to our backyards and getting our grill on, vegan style! Summer grubbin’, starry nights, socially-distant hikes, here we come!

To help kick-off your stature as backyard-chef extraordinaire, here are five tips for rocking the grill, followed by a barbecue menu that redefines comfort food and will satisfy everyone in your home.

Tip 1: Choose the best grill for your needs. Big or portable charcoal, gas, electric, hybrid, or stovetop grill pan, every grill comes with pros and cons, bells and whistles. Before buying, be sure to shop around, check out different types and brands, ask for opinions from fellow grillers, and, most importantly, choose a grill that will make your life as tasty as possible.

Tip 2: Get the right tools. With thousands from which to choose, here are five accessories every grill master worth his or her weight in marinated tempeh should have:
1. Two pairs of tongs: One for moving and turning food, and one for picking up the hot grate and moving coals
2. Skewers: Eight to 12 basic metal skewers for loading up with your summer fare
3. Grilling screen: For preparing tiny vegetables or pieces of tofu, tempeh, and seitan
4. Basting brushes: For applying oils, marinades, and sauces
5. Chimney starter: Forego chemical-laden lighter fluid with this cylindrical, metal wonder (Chef&rsquos tip: Always play it safe with a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Your local hardware store or fire department will help you determine the best extinguisher for your needs.)

Tip 3: Mise en grill is a must. Before the first veggie burger, spicy seitan &ldquowing,&rdquo or asparagus spear hits flame, have everything you need in place nearby. This includes having prepared ingredients, spices, marinades, and necessary utensils and equipment within flame&rsquos reach.

Tip 4: Think outside the (veggie burger) box. The newest superstars of the grill circuit&mdashtofu, tempeh, and seitan&mdashjoin the world of spirited marinades and sauces to take center stage in summer&rsquos greatest show on earth. With a few hours to overnight marinating time, bite-size pieces of this trifecta easily earn their grill stripes in about eight to 10 minutes (four to five minutes per side).

Tip 5: Don&rsquot forget the drinks! I&rsquove said it before and I&rsquoll say it again, and again, and again: Beverages are of utmost importance for any summer grilling sesh. When it comes to backyard fêtes with your household, beer should always be on the A-list. Have light and dark options in a nearby, grab-it-yourself cooler. Likewise, have chilled white wine (in an ice bucket) and a bottle of red close by. With the boozy basics covered, a pitcher of ice water and a round of specialty drinks are always in order for any barbecue fun.

Within those sparks and amidst that cozy aroma, the grill is the gift that keeps on giving like a familiar old friend. It is a place where time is counted not in minutes or certain months, but rather in burgers, corncobs, and laughter.

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Vegan Side Dishes for BBQ

Every BBQ needs a good host of vegan side dishes! Its all about having different tastes and nibbles, delicious flavours to keep everyone satisfied.

Veggie side dishes for BBQ don&rsquot have to be just potato salad and leaves!

Easy Beet Slaw

No BBQ is complete without a banging slaw recipe. Check out this vibrant, gorgeous vegan Beet Slaw recipe. It is refreshing, crunchy and earthy &ndash going great as a side dish or burger topping!

BBQ Moroccan Eggplant Salad

This BBQ Moroccan Eggplant salad is the perfect summer BBQ salad recipe. With delicate Moroccan spices, a smokey BBQ flavour, roasted chickpeas, fresh leaf rocket salad and a zesty dressing &ndash this is a must try.

This could be served as a show stopping main or an impressive side salad.

Easy Israeli Salad Recipe

This Easy Israeli Salad recipe is a classic, tasty salad which is easy to put together. It is refreshing to eat with juicy tomatoes and crunchy, cool cucumber. It pairs well with all of vegan grilling recipes.

Vegan Chicken Cobb Salad

If you decided to make the BBQ vegan grilled chicken recipe, it can totally be transformed in this Vegan Chicken Cobb Salad. It&rsquos delicious with all the right additions.

Succulent BBQ Vegan Corn on the Cob

This juicy BBQ corn on the cob is quick and easy, with so much flavour. It has the essential rub of vegan butter &ndash but the lime juice, paprika and cilantro really brings it to the next level.

Serve this delicious vegan corn on the cob with vegan aioli and your mind will be blown!

Easy Vegan Pesto Pasta Salad

This Vegan Pesto Pasta Salad is a summer classic. They are easy to throw together with minimal cooking and are perfect at picnics, cookouts, and gatherings.

Vegan Broccoli Salad

This Vegan Broccoli Salad is crunchy and refeshing. There is something so satisfying about munching down on raw broccoli &ndash and it would be a great addition as a side salad for a BBQ.

Vegan Greek Salad

This Vegan Greek Salad is super refreshing, bursting with all the Mediterranean flavours. It would be a beautiful summer garden salad to complement your vegan BBQ.

Drunken Fruit Salad

This refreshing Drunken Fruit Salad obviously doesn&rsquot go on the BBQ but WOW it is refreshing. Fresh fruit doused in orange juice and rum, it is the perfect boozy fruit salad for after your vegan BBQ meals.

Vegan Grilling Recipes

Published: May 21, 2021 · Updated: May 24, 2021 by Nicole @ VegKitchen · This post may contain affiliate links.

It's grilling season again! But there's no reason for us plant-based folks to be left out. I've gathered up all my favorite vegan grilling recipes so you can grill up delicious and simple meals all summer long!

From veggie kabobs to burgers to grilled salads and fruits, there's an endless number of vegan-friendly recipes for the grill.

Our Top Supermarket and Retailer Picks

From no-beef burgers to a selection of succulent sausages and hotdogs, Aldi’s Plant Menu range has everything you need for an epic BBQ. Be sure to pick up its Specially Selected Sliced Vegan Brioche Burger Buns, too.

Asda’s own brand Plant Based has beef-style burgers, bacon-style rashers, and sausages that are perfect for grilling up a storm. Its meat-free chicken bites make a great side dish, too.

For those not ready to grill up a feast themselves, Biff’s offers tasty barbecue-themed goodness cooked just for you. Its wonderful jackfruit burgers and wingz can be delivered nationwide – or find them at Brewdog and Frankie & Benny’s.

The PETA Vegan Food Award–winning Gro Incredible Burger is a BBQ classic, and now, Co-op has reduced the price of its entire GRO range. And try the delicious mushroom-based Sizzlin’ Sausages.

Where better to score some BBQ treats than a vegan butcher? Nottingham’s Faux vegan butcher offers deli-style “meats” including vegan chicken thighs, BBQ ribs, and pastrami.

Gauthier Home

Fine dining meets all things BBQ as award-winning chef Alexis Gauthier launches an extra-special box this Vegan BBQ Week featuring eight gourmet dishes cooked, prepared, and sent nationwide from the iconic London restaurant.

There’s an impressive selection of vegan meats waiting for you at Iceland. The No Meat range includes the legendary No Bull Quarter Pounder Burger, No Porkies Cumberland Style Sausages, and juicy No Bull Mushroom Steaks.

Lidl stocks the Vemondo range, which is full of plant-based goodies, including several different vegan burgers that cook well on the grill.

Build the ultimate BBQ burger with Morrisons’ V Taste range: choose its quarter pounders, and add a bacon-style rasher or two, melty dairy-free cheese, and coleslaw or dirty fries with chilli on the side.

There’s lots on offer from the all-vegan Plant Kitchen brand at M&S, including No Beef Burgers, Chorizo Puppies, creamy potato salad and coleslaw, Chickenless Crispy BBQ Wings, and No Lamb Koftas. Plant Kitchen’s super-firm tofu barbecues brilliantly, too, and it’s great on skewers.

Ocado delivers everything you need for your vegan BBQ, including quarter pounders, chicken burgers, sausages, hot dogs, and mushroom steaks – plus all your favourite condiments, vegan cheeses, and Plant Kitchen favourites.

Rudy’s Vegan Butcher

London’s trailblazing Rudy’s Vegan Butcher now has two locations in the city where you can grab your favourite vegan meat cuts. It even has DIY burger kits available for delivery.

The extensive Plant Pioneers range has you covered for all things BBQ: loads of burgers (we love its Smoky Jack Quarter Pounders), the popular Shroomdogs, and Smoky Vacon Rashers.

The Plant Chef and Wicked Kitchen ranges have fantastic burgers, sausages, and mayo for the perfect BBQ in the sunshine. Cool off afterwards with the creamy Mint Choc Chip Ice Dream Treat.

Waitrose’s protein-packed chunky soya burger and tasty seitan burger make great choices for any BBQ.

Ultimate Vegan Barbecue: The Secret to Grilling Tofu

By Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone—especially not our hardcore carnivore friends—but I have been know to eat grilled tofu. Willingly. Even with gusto.

So it’s with pleasure that I introduce fellow Workman Publishing authors Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer, the writers behind VBQ—The Ultimate Vegan Barbecue Cookbook.

The authors are not only vegetarians. They’re vegan, which in some BBQ circles makes them heretics. But listen up, because they also have the chops when they fire up the grill.

Basically anything you can put on the barbecue can be smoked. However, we must admit that the aroma of the various types of wood do not suit all foods.

Of course, tofu, seitan and tempeh are very suitable, and these products are readily available.

“I hate the taste of tofu, even when it isn’t barbecued,” “I simply don’t like the texture of tofu” or simply “Tofu always burns on the barbecue.” We often hear these and other similar arguments. Our reply is typically, “You’ve just never tried really good tofu.” And this is true in most cases.

There is tofu and there is tofu. By this we do not only mean the difference between soft silken tofu, which is not suitable for barbecuing, and firm tofu. As far as texture is concerned, there is a big difference between them. But also with regard to flavor. Essentially, tofu is not made from standard soybeans, and each tofu maker has their own particular recipe, which gives the final product its own distinct flavor.

For barbecuing, it is better to use firm but moist and elastic tofu that does not crumble.

Tofu contains a lot of liquid, which means that it can be stored without drying out, but this also makes it difficult to put flavor into it.

You can very easily press it to remove the excess water. There are special tofu presses available, which makes sense if you eat a lot of tofu and eat it often. However, you can also just use two plates, paper towels and a heavy pot. Line a plate with paper towels and put the tofu block on it. Cover with more paper towels and with the second plate. Weigh the whole thing down with a pot or other heavy object. Take off the weight after about 20 minutes and the tofu is ready for the next step.

Here’s an insider’s tip from Japan that you have to try: Whole, well-drained tofu blocks are completely frozen, and then left to thaw on a plate lined with paper towels. The excess liquid is released during thawing and the tofu becomes firmer and more absorbent. It is quite normal for tofu to turn yellow when frozen.

You should not cut tofu into thin slices. The soft bean curd can barely offer any resistance to hard barbecue tongs, so turning thin tofu slices over will be more exciting than a James Bond film. You cannot go wrong if you cut the tofu into slices about 1¼ inches (3 cm) thick.

The rest of the tips can be found in VBQ—The Ultimate Vegan Barbecue Cookbook.

Ready to get started? Try a recipe from the cookbook: Tofu Sandwiches with Marinated Fennel.

To read more from the authors, check out their blog Eat This.

Content excerpted from and © VBQ—The Ultimate Vegan Barbecue Cookbook, May 2018.

VBQ—The Ultimate Vegan Barbecue Cookbook

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★ One of Amazon&rsquos Best Books of the Month in Cookbooks, Food & Wine

&ldquoThe good-for-the-planet call to arms continues its crescendo [with] VBQ: The Ultimate Vegan Barbecue Cookbook .&rdquo&mdash The New York Times Book Review

&ldquoVegans don&rsquot have to be an afterthought at your next backyard party.  VBQ&mdashThe Ultimate Vegan Barbecue Cookbook  has more than eighty recipes using vegetables, tofu, tempeh, and seitan. You even get a crash course in choosing the right grill and how to avoid common mistakes when cooking vegan dishes.&rdquo &mdash Insider

&ldquoWith VBQ , vegans get a cookbook that is wholly their own . . . A welcome addition to our grilling repertoire. Eggplant Gyros meet Cauliflower Cutlets&mdashthis is not just veggies on a skewer, but a great mix of recipes for both the beginner and those with serious grill experience.&rdquo&mdash The Amazon Book Review Omnivoracious

&ldquoNow even vegans can enjoy an evening centered on a backyard grill.&rdquo&mdash Booklist

&ldquo VBQ is here to make sure vegans don't have something to just cope with at a summer cookout&mdashrather, that there are plenty of dishes both non- and meat eaters alike can look forward to.&rdquo&mdash Tasting Table

&ldquoListen up&mdashvegans Jörg Mayer and Nadine Horn have the chops when they fire up the grill.&rdquo&mdash Steve Raichlen, Barbecue! Bible

&ldquoThis cookbook offers a wealth of creative vegan barbeque recipes along with helpful tips. Once you see the photos, you&rsquoll want to start grilling!&rdquo&mdash Vegetarian Journal

&ldquoThis illustrated barbeque cookbook offers such vegan alternatives as peppered tofu steak and eggplant hot dogs.&rdquo&mdash Publishers Weekly

&ldquoThink vegans don&rsquot have anything to barbecue? Think again!  VBQ  delivers amazingly creative and tasty plant-based dishes that will have even grilling novices claiming a dedicated spot outside on the grill.&rdquo&mdash Kristy Turner , author of But I Could Never Go Vegan!

&ldquoIncredible&mdash VBQ  breaks through the conventional idea of grilling with exceptionally delicious plant-based recipes. As someone who is mostly vegetarian in a household of meat-eaters, I am always on the hunt for barbecue recipes that bridge the gap. Nadine and Jörg have solved my problem! From their quinoa and chickpea burgers to their vegan mozzarella, this collection of hearty and healthy alternatives for classic grilled dishes is a must-have resource.&rdquo&mdash Abbey Rodriguez , founder of  The Butter Half

&ldquoThis brilliant book . . . is a must for any keen BBQer who&rsquos looking to eat less meat.&rdquo&mdash Independent UK

Vbq--The Ultimate Vegan Barbecue Cookbook: Over 80 Recipes--Seared, Skewered, Smoking Hot! (Paperback or Softback)

Title: Vbq--The Ultimate Vegan Barbecue Cookbook: .

Publisher: Experiment 5/1/2018

Publication Date: 2018

Binding: Paperback or Softback

Book Condition: New

Book Type: Book

Calling all vegans: it’s your turn at the grill!

  • BBQ classics: Eggplant Hot Dogs, Cauliflower Cutlets, Pulled Mushrooms Sandwiches
  • Savory sides and sauces: Crunchy Coleslaw, Grilled Potato Salad, Cashew Sour Cream
  • Global inventions: Eggplant Gyros, Tandoori Tofu Skewers, Vietnamese Pizza

You’ll be a vegan pitmaster in no time!

Nadine Horn is a vegan cookbook author and knows how to make food look really pretty. She’s also an avid pottery-geek and loves to throw clay around her small workshop. She and Jorg Mayer are the creators of EatThis!, the most popular vegan blog in all of Germany.

Jörg Mayer is a vegan cookbook author creator of EatThis!, the most popular vegan blog in all of Germany and photography- and design-geek, who is also addicted to hot sauces.

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2. Plant-Based Cheeseburgers

Image Credit: Twitter (Impossible Foods)

Perhaps you’re at a Memorial Day cookout with meat eaters and don’t want to “cause a scene.” You’d rather just blend in and eat something that looks and tastes like their animal-based recipes. Thanks to companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, you can do exactly that!

Impossible Foods sell Impossible burgers and ground beef, made 100 percent from plant-based ingredients (including a plant-based hemoglobin, which gives animal-based meat its iron-like taste). Beyond Meat sells similar products, but uses beet juice instead of plant-based hemoglobin to color and flavor their patties and ground. Don’t worry, both are quite good and affordable some guests won’t even be able to tell the difference!

Grab a pack of plant-based American or cheddar cheese, and you’re all set to create the perfect vegan Americano burger. Or maybe you’ll get a little more creative and spice it up in an interesting way. Food52 has a great recipe: the Ultimate Impossible Burger, 3 Ways .

You’ll Be the Star of the Barbecue With These Delicious Vegan Recipes

Summer’s here, and that means that you’ve got to make the most of the sunny weather. Have all your friends and family over, and show them just how delicious vegan cookin’ can be. You’re sure to please any crowd with the following vegan barbeque recipes:

BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches with Avocado Slaw

Walk into a barbecue with these sandwiches and you’ll be everybody’s new best friend.

Vegan Rainbow Potato Salad

This recipe covers every color of the rainbow with vegetable goodness.

Classic Pasta Salad

The words “refreshing” and “filling” rarely go together when describing food, but they’re both perfect for this summery pasta salad.

Pesto Pasta Salad

Prefer your salad with a Mediterranean flare? Try this pesto pasta salad recipe instead.

Vegan Mexican Street Corn in Grilled Avocado Boats

This might be the perfect food. Total swoon.

Mint Watermelonade

As the summer heats up, it’s fun to hydrate with beverages other than water.

Ultimate Sriracha Veggie Burger

These burgers are made from a mix of black beans and mushrooms. Plus, Sriracha makes everything better.

Vegan Hot Dogs Done Four Ways

These hot-dog recipes include a vegan Totcho Dog (that’s tater tots and nacho cheese), a Mac and Cheese Dog, a Tex-Mex Dog, and a French Onion Dog.

7-Ingredient Vegan Key Lime Pies

How cute are these vegan key lime pies? And their refreshing flavor is perfect for summer.

Lemony Quinoa Brussels Sprouts Salad

Quinoa and Brussels sprouts are at the heart of this hearty salad.

Portobello Mushroom Sliders

The marinade for this dish features a flavorful mix of basil, thyme, and garlic.

Vegan BBQ Veggie Pizza

This pizza is packed with veggies, which means that you can justify eating many slices.

Grilled Garlic-Herb Corn

A barbecue isn’t complete without grilled corn.

Creamy Raspberry-Orange Popsicles

You should have these in your freezer all summer long.

Cheesy Vegan Potato Skins

These are perfect for every occasion: summer barbecues, potlucks, sports games, or family dinners.

‘Fish’ Sliders with Spicy Mango Slaw

You can adjust this recipe by grilling the vegan fish patties instead of frying them.

There are so many inspiring ways to veganize your favorite recipes. Wear PETA’s “Vegan” tee loud and proud at barbecues this summer.

Inspired to go vegan? Order a free vegan starter kit to help you make the transition for animals, your health, and the environment: